Milestone: 750+ images in the portfolio

I recently just exceeded 750 images in my portfolio. 
It seems like a lot and then again, not so much.  For each of my self-portraits
there are about 60-100 shots that you don’t see.  There is my early
photography portfolio, while not so bad, it’s not up here.  For every
wildlife photo, there are about 50 (give or take a bunch).  There are
about 10,000+ pet photos.  And I haven’t made time to scan some of
the best ones to put up here.  I miss film photography.  There was a color and light sensitivity
that’s lost to convenient digital photography.  There is a lot of artwork that isn’t up here.  Almost
all of my work from graduate school was destroyed.  There are countless
projects that are just plain lost. 

Not all of my graphic work is pretty so I don’t really bother with putting it
all up here. 

I have done a lot of patent drawings.  And I can’t put the new stuff up
here.  Some of these patents have 25 or more pictures and I don’t see a
reason to post the whole thing. 

I want to keep this simple and to the point.  Showcasing my
abilities.  I can always do more, but it’s just a matter of time. 
How much time I have and how much time clients are willing to pay for.

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